Children's Rooms - A Reading Corner Must Have*

With our house move getting ever closer, I am so excited to finally get planning Harper’s room. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all somewhat planned but Harper’s room is the one I have been looking most forward to doing!

Those of you that follow me through social media, will be aware that when Harper was born our house was due to go on the market. So, we decided it would be daft to design and redecorate her nursery; meaning that I didn’t get that ‘I’m pregnant, I’m having a girl, lets go wild and make the cutest nursery EVER’ moment!

I have so many ideas for her room. One been that I really want her to have a little reading corner, where she and I can sit and read all her books before bed. It will be a super cosy corner with cushions, blankets and of course, a beanbag. I have been on the hunt for the perfect bean bag for a little while now; so, I thought it would be only right that I share these with you.

The bean bags listed are all from a local business named Children’s Rooms who stock everything you need, for well, Children’s Rooms.

Been a very horsey family the first bean bag on my short list is obviously a no brainer!

This must be the cutest bean cube that I ever did see! Dory is a firm favourite of mine, I just can’t help but smile when I see her little face and this bean cube catches her character and personality, well, as much as a bean cube can.

As Elephants are a running theme in Harper’s current room, they are likely to have a large presence in her new room. 

Yes, this is not girly in the slightest BUT I shall let you into a little secret, when I was younger I had a slight obsession with trains and obviously, Thomas the Tank Engine!

What would you want in your children’s a reading corner?

Much Love,
Eden x

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