Give Your Home That Extra UMPH With Love Lights *

With a house move in the pipe line I am starting to get my design hat on … yet again!

I have recently been introduced to Love Lights and I must say that I LOVE the products on offer. If you are wanting to spruce up your living room, give your kitchen that WOW factor or even if you’re are having a general house over haul then you need to check out the lights that Love Lights have to offer; PLUS you get free delivery on orders over £39 – ideal.

I thought I would put together a few of my favourites from the Love Lights website to inspire you -

Dar Lighting Gaucho GAU8622 1 Light Large Pendant Ceiling Light

Been more on the pricey side I would say personally that this would be a more luxury item but please, how nice is this? I think it would look so nice in either a kitchen or dining room and give a room the perfect finishing touch. 

This is really a WOW piece! I mean it, just look at it! 

This is right up my street, the fact it is named after me is just an added bonus! I really love these type of lights, the ones with a more industrial feel. I feel that they are just what I am after for our new house and hopefully give me the end design goal that I am wanting.

I like the simplicity of this light. I feel that it has a real elegant look to it. 

Endon Lighting Lazenby Ceiling Pendant

Even though this is such a similar shape to the light above it has a different edge to it all together! Its so surprising how different changing a finish to matte can make an item! 

You can find the Love Lights website by |clicking here|

What do you feel really helps a room have that finished edge? 

Much Love 

Eden x x 


  1. These are so dreamy! I'm hoping to move into my own home some time next year and am aaaall over the ceiling pendant trend; I love how it adds a bit of an edge to the room, acting as a centre piece- love love love!


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