It's Time to Bare

It’s that time again when the sun is starting to come out and you are dying to wear that midi dress which you bought in the sales at the end of last summer; but your legs are well, not so ready!
Well do not panic my dear friends, for I have a few little treats which will make you feel ever so splendid and have you flashing your legs off in no time!

Dove Summer Glow
This is a product which I love and rely on each summer! It’s a great way to build a natural tan and keep you nice and moisturised too!
All I will say is make sure you get the right one for your skin, for example don’t get normal to dark if you are fair skinned!

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived
This is something which I really want to try! Yet, I don’t know how different it will be to the Summer Glow? It claims to be a ‘Spa like body lotion combining natural, gentle tanners with cell moisturisers’
I guess with this product the proof would be in the pudding – so to speak.

Petal Fresh Body Butter
This, again, is something which I am pretty desperate to try! I am in love with all things coconut oil at the moment so this for me is an easy choice; the fact it is cruelty free too makes it an ever-easier choice! It claims to be ‘ultra moisturising’ and with the ingredients I can very much believe that claim.

Garnier Body Ultimate Blends Restoring Butter
Garnier products at the moment seem to be spot on and I don’t think this would be any different. Claiming to be for very dry skin and been both non greasy and non sticky – both of which I hate in moisterisers – I cannot wait to give this a go! I suffer so badly with dry skin so if this makes me silky smooth I would be a very happy lady!

What are you putting on your skin right now?

Much Love,


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