A Little Bit of Bosom*

Post baby, lets say, that you really don't feel your best; your body looks like nothing you have seen before! yes, it has created this amazing bundle of joy and kept it safe for 9 or in my case 10 months; but I am sure I am not alone when I say you can't help feeling a little selfish when you look in the mirror and see your new, what is meant to be, yummy mummy body! Nearly 9 months on, I still get this! In my case, it has never got easier but you do some how accept that this is what you are left with.

Working with Amble Bosom I have been on a quest to make those of you with a tum that you don't feel is so yum to feel sassy and sexy again.

For this post it's all about the body suit! They're the perfect thing under any fancy frock to make you feel super sassy and absolutely gorgeous but also perfect for those of you who really do want a full belly coverage when you are wanting to feel more sexy and dying to say "look at me"!

Fantasie Echo Lace Body
Currently the black is reduced to £20.00 (23/06/2017)

The detailing on this suit is so gorgeous and really will be so flattering around the waist!

Rosa Faia Scarlett Body

My second body suit is this gorgeous dusky rose lacy number!


With its flattering detail and the extra lace around the top of your thighs this piece is really for the win!

Much Love 

Eden x

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